Have you used white vinegar for cleaning? Discover our ultimate guide to vinegar uses around the home.

Remove rust from a cast iron pan

Remove rust from a Cast Iron pan by soaking it in a solution of half clear distilled malt vinegar and half water. Be careful not to let it sit too long or the acid in the vinegar could damage the pan!

Erase ballpoint pen marks

Erase ballpoint pen marks. Dab a sponge or cloth into clear distilled malt vinegar and blot on the stained area. Repeat until marks are gone.

Remove coffee and tea stains

Don’t cry over spilt coffee! Coffee and tea stains can be removed by flushing the area with distilled vinegar, rinsing, and repeating. Then, wash as normal.

Carpet cleaning

Create your own carpet steam cleaner by combining water and a drop of clear distilled malt vinegar.

Remove white water rings from wood

Remove white water rings from wood with a solution of equal parts clear distilled malt vinegar and vegetable oil. Rub with the grain. Do not use with waxed wood. It can ruin the finish and leave a cloudy mark.

Remove sticky label residue

When a price tag or another sticker leaves a gluey residue, dab the spot with vinegar. It wipes the goo right off!

Do not mix bleach and vinegar

Do not mix bleach and vinegar. These two common cleaning agents should never be used at the same time, as it will emit toxic vapors.

Clean hardened paint brushes

Clean hardened paint brushes by simmering them in a pot with clear distilled malt vinegar. Soak them first for an hour before bringing the clear distilled malt vinegar to a simmer. Drain and rinse clean.

Clean your ice/water dispenser

Clean your ice/water dispenser by running clear distilled malt vinegar through the system. Flush the vinegar out by running water through the system until the smell disappears.

Remove odour from a tub drain

The fizzing combo of vinegar and baking soda is a great way to unclog and remove odour from a tub drain. Pour 125ml of baking soda in the drain, then follow with a mixture of 250ml clear distilled malt vinegar and 250ml of hot water. Immediately plug the drain with a rag to keep the bubbles contained for 10 minutes. Rinse by pouring a kettle of boiling water down the drain.

Remove wine stains

To remove pesky wine stains, saturate the spot in vinegar and allow it to stand for several minutes. Rinse with water and repeat the process if needed. Wash immediately after treating the stain.

Make your own surface solution

Make your own earth-friendly surface solution. Use a 50-50 vinegar-water mix to wipe down telephones, doorknobs, faucet handles, and more when cold/flu season hits.

Make your own air freshener

Make your own earth-friendly air freshener. Add ½ teaspoon vinegar to a 113ml spray bottle, then fill with distilled water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

Remove stains from cups

Remove stains from coffee and teacups by scrubbing them gently with equal parts of salt (or baking soda) and clear distilled malt vinegar. Rinse clean.

Do not use vinegar to clean screens

Do not use vinegar to clean your smartphone and laptop monitors. Both have a thin layer of oleophobic coating that limits fingerprints and smudges, and acidic vinegar can strip this coating, causing the layers below to be exposed.

Stained refrigerators

Stained refrigerators will shine like new after soaking problem areas in undiluted clear distilled malt vinegar.

Make a scouring cleanser

Make your scouring cleanser by combining 60ml baking soda with 1 tablespoon liquid detergent. Add just enough clear distilled malt vinegar to give it a thick but creamy texture.

Make your own all-purpose cleaner

Make your own earth-friendly all-purpose cleaner. Mix 250ml vinegar, 2 teaspoons borax, 1 litre hot water, 5 drops liquid dish soap, 10 drops tea tree oil, and 10 drops of your favourite essential oil.