Craft brewed since 1794
We don’t make vinegar We craft brew Sarson’s

Only Sarson’s is matured for seven times longer for a rich and round taste. Discover how our vinegar is made below.

Matured seven times longer* for a rich and round taste
* matured for 7 days, compared to most other malt vinegars produced in 24 hours.

Brewed from British malt, fermented with larch wood wool from the Leighton Estate in Wales and matured in wooden vats.

We’ve been producing vinegar the same way for 230 years, using quality British ingredients such as malted barley and water. All these lovely ingredients contribute to the 15 million bottles of Sarson’s we produce every year!

See behind the scenes

Take a look inside our factory and learn all about how Sarson’s is made!

How Vinegar is Made

Discover how Sarson’s vinegar is made using our unique techniques.

The Secret to Sarson’s

Discover the secret to the special Sarson’s taste.

The History of Sarson’s

Discover the fascinating history of Sarson’s, dating back to 1794.