It’s not easy creating the distinctive Sarson’s flavour. But we’ve been following this technique for the past 230 years and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Malted Barley

The primary source of sugar that’s needed to make our vinegar is British malted barley.

Malted barley is delivered to the Sarson’s factory Malted barley is then milled and transferred to a grist hopper


We ‘crack’ and ‘mash’ these grains in hot water to extract the sugars.

Hot water Mash tun


We then cool the liquid down and add yeast in a fermenter. It’s virtually identical to brewing beer, except without hops. After six days the yeast will have converted the sugars to alcohol and is removed.



We introduce a naturally ‘good’ bacteria called acetobacter in giant wooden vats full of ‘wood wool’, which is made from larch trees from the Leighton Estate in Wales. This turns the alcohol into acetic acid and gives vinegar its sharp flavour and ‘pave’.

To create the iconic Sarson’s flavour this process takes seven days; most other vinegars on the market only dedicate 24 hours to this process.

Matured for 7 days

The Finished Vinegar

The vinegar is then standardised to 5% acid and heat treated before being bottled.

Wooden vinegar storage